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Vedic astrology course based on your own astrological chart

Jyotish, Vedic Astrology Course based on your own chart

Learn Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) by learning more about yourself.

Dirah Academy is pleased to be at the ‘leading edge’ of providing distance-learning courses and certification in Vedic Astrology/Jyotish. Our courses are unique in that each course:

And this is what Richard Houck, author of The Astrology of Death and Digital Astrology says about the course:  

"I often have people ask me about where they can learn basic Vedic astrology from a person rather than a book.
The Dirah Academy offers a personalized 14-lesson correspondence course that is probably the best combination of simplicity, clarity, practicality, usefulness and cost value on the world market today.
How can you beat having fun with your own chart while learning Vedic astrology for about $20 a lesson? I don't know how they do it."

Learn how to apply the Indian system of astrology and learn about how to lead a better life, how to express your potential in a better way and how to foresee future developments.

Vedic astrology is a form of astrology that is 5OOO years old. Increasing numbers of Western astrologers are discovering the value of Vedic astrology. In the Western world interest for Vedic astrology is steadily growing.

Contents of the course: The course includes among other things, the interpretation of a Vedic horoscope, the role of harmonic horoscopes, the Indian system of predictive astrology (dasas), yogas in the horoscope, Vedic methods of treatment (choosing the (semi-) precious stone, colour and mantra), the relationship to ayurveda (how to determine the ayurvedic physical type from the horoscope).These subjects are treated in fourteen extensive lessons.

Applied Vedic Astrology: This course will enable you to understand Vedic astrology and what you can achieve with it. In the course, the accent is placed on the practical application of Indian astrology, hence the special attention to Vedic treatment methods and ayurveda.

Work procedure: The assignments are to be returned by email. You will receive a prompt reply containing the corrected assignments plus helpful remarks on your work.

Personal support from the course supervisor: Should you have any questions regarding the subject matter, send an email and you will receive a prompt reply.

Course results: Once you have finished the course you will be able to interpret a Vedic horoscope, apply Vedic astrology and make the correct choice of Vedic treatment methods and ayurveda (deciding the physical type).

The course includes: The course material, your personal Vedic horoscope print-out and written corrections and guidance during the length of the course.

Admission: You should have some basic knowledge of (Western) astrology.
If you do not have any knowledge of whatever form of astrology, it is mandatory to do the primer first. This primer gives you the knowledge you need to start with the course Applied Vedic Astrology.
Click here for more information about the primer. Please note that if you do not have some knowledge of whatever form of astrology it is mandatory to do the primer first.

Fees: Two payments of $ 135, the course will be send to you as a pdf (Adobe) file over the internet. The first payment to be made at the beginning of the Course. The second payment to be made between the 5th. and the 6th. lesson.

How to Apply: Scroll down and you can register online!

Course supervision and registration

In some countries regional teachers are active. If you live in the below countries please click on the name of that country or state and you will be transported to the webpages of that regional teacher.

For all other parts of the world you can click here, in that case your supervisor will be the author of the course Roeland de Looff MA

Course Agreements The best way to avoid misunderstandings

1. Registration is confirmed as soon as the completed application form is received.

2. Roeland de Looff MA or the local teacher of Dirah Academy International is the course supervisor.

3. As soon as registration is confirmed, the course material and the personal chart will be sent to the student.

4. The course supervisor is obliged to return the completed assignments within seven days after receiving the assignments; both corrected and furnished with comments. Exceptions to this rule are situations beyond the control of the supervisor, e.g. sickness and holidays. The student will receive notice when this occurs.

5. A good student-supervisor relationship is essential. The supervisor will do everything he can to guide the student through the material. The student should always be polite. If according to the supervisor inappropriate behaviour takes place the student will receive one warning. If the student persists he will loose all rights. 

6. The student has the right to support by email.

7. a. Should the student not return his assignments or in any way absent himself for a period of three months, the student will lose all his rights.

b. The student may ask for a temporary halt to his study for a maximum period of four months.

8. Paid terms will never be refunded.

9. Once the final assignment has been assessed as satisfactory, the course supervisor is obliged to issue the student with the certificate of Applied Vedic Astrology. A second chance is possible!

Questions? Send email to


1 Introduction and methods of this course  
1.1 The aim of this course.
1.2 Our method  
1.3 Exercise  

2. Why Vedic Astrology/Jyotish  
2.1 The holy astrology of India  
2.2 Tropical and sidereal zodiac  
2.3 How to make a Vedic horoscope  
2.4 Exercise  

3. Signs and planets in Vedic astrology
3.1 The signs  
3.2 Planets  
3.3 Exercise  

4. The functioning of the planets  
4.1 The planets, friends or enemies  
4.2 The influence of the speed of planets
4.3 Exercise  

5. The houses in Vedic astrology
5.1 Significaces of the houses 
5.2 Classification of houses  
5.3 Planets as indicators of the houses  
5.4 Exercise 

6. The lords of the houses
6.1 Working with the lords of the houses
6.2 Exercise  

7. Planets and houses  
7.1 The position of the planets in the houses  
7.2 Exercise  

8. Aspects  
8.1 The conjunction  
8.2 Aspects according to the Parashari system  
8.3 Tajika aspects  
8.4 Exercise  

9. Yogas in Vedic astrology  
9.1 Pancha mahapurusha yogas  
9.2 Parivartana yogas  
9.3 Scissor yogas (kartari yogas)
9.4 Various yogas  
9.5 The position of yogas
9.6 Exercise  

10. Predictive astrology: The dasas  
10.1 Interpreting maha dasas  
10.2 The role of the bhukti and antara dasas  
10.3 The technique for calculating the dasas  
10.4 Technique of calculating bhukti and antara dasas
10.5 Maturing of the planets  
10.6 Exercise  

11. Harmonic horoscopes  
11.1 Second harmonic (hora)  
11.2 Third harmonic (drekkena)  
11.3 Ninth harmonic (navamsa)  
11.4 Tenth harmonic (dasamsa)  
11.5 Exact time of birth is very important  
11.6 Interpreting the harmonic horoscopes  
11.7 Exercise  

12. Methods of treatment used by the Vedic astrologer  
12.1 The fole of treatment methods that are used  
12.2 A summary of the various treatments  
12.3 Wearing precious and semi-precious stones  
12.4 Colour therapy  
12.5 Mantras  
12.6 Exercise  

13. Ayruveda: Vedic healing  
13.1 The three doshas  
13.2 Astrological establishment of the three doshas  
13.3 The consequences of a disturbance in the dosha harmony and its treatment  
13.4 Exercise  

14. The final assignment interpreting your Vedic Horoscope  


And you will find your personal Vedic chart added to the course material. 

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