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this course is based upon the astrological chart of the student


Every placement in the chart can express itself in different ways. .

PSYCHOLOGICAL LEVEL The first level is the psychological level. For example: Someone with the Moon in Cancer values a good family life. If the Moon of that person makes a square to Saturn it is possible that he cannot find the warmth he is looking for and that he is restricted in expressing his feelings.

LEVEL OF EVENTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES The second level is the level of events and circumstances. Someone with Moon square Saturn may attract circumstances that make it hard to create a good family life. Maybe there are duties which prevent this. It is also possible that he has a spouse that is unable to create a warm atmosphere. Indeed, the Moon in the chart of a male says something about the female he attracts; therefore this can point towards attracting a woman who is unable to give the warmth that he needs. .

LEVEL OF HEALTH A third level at which astrological placement can express themselves is at the level of health. There is a connection between this level and the previous two levels. If somebody is unable to express his feelings then an illness can result. Also bad circumstances in the world around a person (like not getting the warmth that a person needs) can be a contributing factor towards an illness. In many cases a problem first expresses itself at the level of psychology and circumstances and later at the level of health.

However, some people have a vulnerable body which means that problems can express themselves at the level of health immediately. The chart gives information about the background of diseases. It is possible to identify the chart factors that have given rise to a certain disease.

If a person deals with those chart factors in another way and the astrologer can make suggestions to do that, chances are that the pattern that has given rise to the disease will gradually disappear. This does not mean that a client becomes healthy immediately.

The only thing an astrologer can do is to find a long term solution for the pattern that has given rise to the disease. To become healthy in the short term the person should visit a doctor. If a problem has surfaced at the level of the body it may take time before the problem dissolves at that level.


To know the background of a certain disease one should know which parts of the body fall under which planets and signs. Some parts of the body fall under more than one sign.

THE SIGN ARIES is the sign of the head.

TAURUS is the sign of the throat and neck.

GEMINI has to do with arms, legs, the breathing system, the nervous system and the ability to move.

CANCER has to do with the digestion, the stomach, the uterus and the breasts. .

LEO had to do with the blood circulation (including the heart) and the back.

VIRGO has to do with parts of the digestion system (small intestine) and parts of the nervous system.

LIBRA has to do with the kidneys and the skin (as an organ that makes us beautiful).

SCORPIO is the sign of the genitals, the large intestine, the bladder and the secreting organs.

SAGITTARIUS has to do with the hips and the liver and with movement.

CAPRICORN is the sign of the skeleton and some parts of the joints (for example the knees), the skin (as an organ that protects ourselves) and the hair.

AQUARIUS has to do with the lower legs, the nervous system (especially the electrical charge within the nervous system) and the blood circulation.

PISCES is the sign of the feet.

Generally speaking one can say that the top of the body (the head) falls under Aries, the lowest part (feet) under Pisces and other parts under the signs in between. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example hair falls under Capricorn, although this may be located anywhere on the body, including the head.

If one has a planet in a sign that for whatever reason does not function well. It is possible that diseases surface that have to do with that sign.

Planets may not function well because:

1) They receive challenging aspects. In particular disharmonic aspects including the conjunction from Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can have to do with diseases.

2) They are in a difficult house. In particular planets in the eighth or twelfth houses can cause diseases since the energy of those houses has problems expressing itself at the conscious level. Also planets in the house of health, the sixth house, can have to do with diseases.

3) They are weak because of other reasons. They may be weak in their sign, a personal planet may be retrograde and has problems expressing itself. Is there a problem with a planet that is located in Taurus? It is possible we will have problems with the throat.

A planet in Cancer does not function well? This may cause problems with the stomach? A planet that is in Capricorn has problems? This can cause problems with the joints.


Parts of the body can also fall under particular planets. In most, but not all cases, the parts of the body that fall under a certain sign also fall under the corresponding planet. For example the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Therefore the Moon has to do with digestion, the stomach and the breasts. If the Moon is in trouble in whatever sign this can cause problems that have to do with digestion, the stomach and the breasts.

However, the correspondence is far from perfect, which is a reason why a special scheme for the planets will be shown below. Also planets rule certain processes that cause illnesses. This is especially true for the difficult planets (Mars, Saturn and so on). If a planet rules a certain ill making process, this is shown in italic.

The MOON has to do with the digestive system, the uterus, the breasts and together with Venus the mucous membrane, the female genitals and female hormones. .

The SUN has to do with the blood circulation (including the heart) and the eyes.

MERCURY has to do with the senses, nervous system and breathing system.

VENUS is the planet of the neck, throat, skin, kidneys, mucous membrane (together with the Moon), female genitals and female hormones (together with Venus), ulceration and disturbances in the blood sugar system.

MARS has to do with the muscles, blood, movement system, male genitals and male hormones, adrenaline, accidents, skin problems that turn the skin red, inflammations

JUPITER is the planet of the liver, bile, enlargement (obesity, high blood pressure if it aspects Mars).

SATURN has to do with the skeleton, the skin, the teeth, parts of the joints (like the knees), stiffening, catching a cold, rheumatism.

URANUS is the planet of the nervous system (especially the electrical charge of it), disturbances of the rhythm of the heart (if it aspects the Sun), spasm, injuries, fractures.

NEPTUNE is the planet of hormones in a general sense, addiction, degeneration, wasting away, paralysis, vague complaints that are hart to diagnose.

PLUTO has to do with the genitals, deformities, cancer, amputations.

When you go through the above list it may strike you that personal planets like Sun, Moon and Mercury do rule many bodily parts but no ill making processes. If you look at the planets from Venus onwards this changes.

Especially Uranus, Neptune and Pluto do not rule many bodily parts but they do rule many ill making processes. In most cases the faster moving planet is the victim (the part of the body that is affected is shown by that planet) and the slower moving planet is the attacker. This is not always the case, because some bodily parts have to do with the slow moving planets. For example Venus square Pluto can cause an ulcer (Venus) on the genitals (Pluto). However, it is even more likely that the disease causing processes that fall under Pluto affect the organs that fall under Venus (causing skin cancer for example). In most cases planets that receive disharmonic aspects can cause diseases.

The same can happen with many conjunctions. The disharmonic aspects can come from planets within the natal chart. However, transits can also cause diseases. If that happens in most cases the person will feel better when the transitory planet has moved on.


I will give an example of a full analysis of the diseases which can happen as a result of a disharmonic aspect. We taken the aspect Mars in Pisces square Venus in Sagittarius as an example. First we look at how the planets are functioning in their sign.

A. Mars in Pisces does not function well, because he is afflicted by the square with Venus. This may lead to injuries (ill making process that has to do with Mars) of the feet (feet have to do with Pisces)

B. Venus in Sagittarius does not function well because Venus is afflicted by the square with Mars. This can lead to ulceration (ill making process that has to do with Venus) of the hips (hips belong to Sagittarius). The above analysis is based on problems that are caused by the fact that a certain planet is afflicted and therefore produces illnesses that have to do with the disease causing processes that fall under that planet and the bodily parts that fall under the sign in which it is placed. Now we will look at the influence that both planets have on each other, without taking the sign position into account:

C. Mars squares Venus. Mars has to do with the male genitals. Ulceration has to do with Venus. Therefore this can lead to ulcer (ill making process that falls under Venus) on the male genitals (part of the body that falls under Mars).

D. We can also analysis this aspect the other way around. Venus squares Mars. An ill making process that has to do with Mars is inflammation. In this case inflammation of the kidneys (Venus) is possible. The last part of the analysis is to see how the sign that receives the disharmonic aspect is affected. This can cause a disease that has to do with that sign.

E. Mars makes a disharmonic aspect with a planet that falls in Sagittarius. This can cause inflammation (ill producing process that falls under Mars) of the hips (bodily part that falls under Sagittarius).

F. Venus squares a planet that is in Pisces. This can lead to ulcer (illness producing process that falls under Venus) on the feet (Pisces).

The above analysis shows that a simple aspect like Venus square Mars can cause many diseases. Fortunately not all of these diseases will occur. Therefore it is not useful to look at your chart and find out what diseases may occur. This will produce a long list and can make you afraid for things that most likely will not happen. Most disharmonic aspects will express themselves at the level of psychological problems or events only.

In many cases a potential disease causing affliction in the chart needs to be ‘awakened’ by a difficult transit. Transits are a great tool to find out what happens in our life, which includes the beginning and ending of diseases. The way I use medical astrology is not to find out which diseases may happen. A much better use of this knowledge is finding out the background of a physical problem if you have it. This enables you to understand the disease better. By knowing which planets caused the diseases you can work out suggestions that may prevent this illness producing pattern to express itself again.


A general picture of your health can be given by looking at your sixth house. If easy planets (planets that do not cause disease producing processes like Sun, Moon, Mercury or general beneficial planets like Venus and Jupiter) are located in the sixth house you will probably have a better health then if the sixth house is loaded with difficult and afflicted planets.

Also the first house says something about health. The first house has to do with our physical appearance and with our body. It gives information not just on how we interact with the world on a psychological level, but it gives information about our looks and our body as well. S

ince there is a strong connection between the first house and the body planets in the first house may affect the body positively (good and easy going planets) or negatively (problematic and afflicted planets).


1) If you have problems with diseases try to find the connection between those problems and certain placements in your chart.

2) Make an interpretation of those placements which includes the psychological problem that may be the background of the disease. Suggest how the energy of these planets can be used in a better way.

3) If you do not have a physical problem at the moment you can also analyse a problem you have had in the past. It is possible that you cannot find the background of a certain illness in your natal chart. If that is the case then it is likely that the disease has been caused by a transit that happened when the diseases started.

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