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How to use Kala Vedic Software on the Mac

Information about Software for Vedic Astrology or Jyotish


With the help of the program Crossover made by Codeweavers you can run Kala on Mac computers.
How to install Kala using Crossover

1. First you have to buy Crossover (around USD 70). It is recommended to buy Crossover including support during 12 months.
2. After that you can buy Kala. See the bottom of this page for how to do that

Kala will work apart from the fact that the pdf reports that Kala makes will not be generated.
However, most of the text of these reports (reports with interpretations of some placements, yogas and Kuta reports)
also appear in text windows.
You can copy the text of those windows and past it into a Wordprocessor. 
For questions about how to run Kala using Crossover you can contact the Crossover/Codeweavers helpdesk
Choose Technical Support.
General questions about how to use Kala can be asked to the Kala representative 

For a description of Kala Vedic Software click here.

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