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this course is based upon the astrological chart of the student


We will now treat the subjects of relationships in the chart.

Your wishes as far as relationships are concerned as shown by the chart may differ from what you wish for at a conscious level. Indeed, sometimes it seems that everybody is looking for a honest, interesting, intelligent and nice partner, but more often than not we feel attracted to someone who symbolises what we are looking for as seen in the chart instead of what we seem to be looking for according to our conscious wishes.

The choice of a partner is an irrational process. It has to ‘click’. However, there is certainly no guarantee that if that happens the partner has the qualities that we think we are looking for on a conscious level.

What determines the choice of most people is not if a partner has a list of qualities, the main thing is if we feel attracted to that person, which is an energetic process and has nothing to do with wishes at a conscious level


The most important factor that gives information on what person we are attracted to is based on the elements. Inrelationships we tend to look for someone who makes us complete. We are looking for someone who has qualities that we ourselves are lacking. This means that seen from an energetic point of view we feel attracted to people who have the elements that are lacking in our own chart.

For example someone with almost no earth in the chart is looking for an earthly partner that is able to ground him or her.

The odd thing is that most people say they are looking for someone who is more or less the same as they are. However, the opposite is the case. Energies of a different polarity attract eachother. Males are attracted to females. And so it is that people feel attracted to persons who have the elements that they lack.

The problem is that in the long run we may feel challenged by the same qualities that we felt were attractive.

A person with a lot of water may feel that the person with a lot of air has no regard for his or her feelings. This is one reason why there are so many problems in relationships. The way out is to appreciate the element of the other and to know that that element is useful too.

Also one should simply come to terms with the fact that the other is different and there is no way you can change him or her. Just as it is extremely difficult to change a male into a female it is very hard to change an air type into for example a water type.  

Another solution is to choose someone who has the same elements as you have. You may feel less attractiveness to that person at first sight. But you will be a lot more compatible.

One of the lessons of astrology is that feeling attracted to someone is absolutely no guarantee for a harmonic relationship. There would be fewer problems with regard to relationships if people do not just use their heart but also their mind when it comes to choosing a partner.

We use our minds in almost all areas of life, but when it comes to choosing a partner we let our instincts run the show. In some cases I noticed that people have choosen partners who lack the elements that they have during the first part of their life, but after becoming older and wiser they have choosen partners that have more or less the same elements.

Although the elements are important there are also other factors that we should analyse in a chart to know more about relationships.


Another important factor is the seventh house,which is the house about relationships.

The first house symbolises me, the seventh house symbolises the other. Planets in the seventh house, the cusp of the seventh house (this is also called the descendant), they all give information about how we act in relationships and what we look for in a partner.

For example: Capricorn at the cusp of the seventh house is an indication that one looks for a stable relationship. To realise that a partner with a lot of Capricorn influences in the chart may be a good choice, because Capricorn gives stability.  

Another example: If you have Pluto in the seventh house you are looking for transformational experiences and intensity in relationships. To realise that a partner with scorpionic or lots of plutonian influence in the chart may be a good choice, because that are intense personalities.  


Another important factor to look at is Venus. Venus is the relationship planet. It gives information on our behaviour in relationships. For males it also gives information about the women they feel are attractive. For example: Someone with Venus in Aquarius is attracted to unusual relationships in which both partners have considerable freedom. If that person is a male it is very well possible that he is attracted to unusual, unconventional, individualistic women.

If Venus would be in Cancer he would be attracted to women that are domestic and like cooking a nice meal. In a male chart Venus is not the only factor that gives information on the type of women a male is attracted to.

We should also look at the Moon. The Moon gives information about the mother. If a male baby is born the mother is obviously the first female person he sees. This creates an image on the baby’s mind of how a real woman should look like. There is a strong relationship between the bond a male had with his mother and the type of women he is looking for in his later life. When the bond between the male and the mother is problematical he will have a hard time connecting to women in his life.

These problems are shown in the chart by a Moon that is afflicted for example in the form of disharmonic aspects with planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. The Moon in the chart gives information about the type of woman he is looking for to be nurtured.

Venus gives information on the type of woman he feels is beautiful. Some men have problems finding these qualities in one woman. This can happen if the Moon and Venus are in signs that are totally different.

For example if a male has the Moon in Libra he may feel nurtured by women who express harmony, but if he has Venus in Aries, he may feel attracted by strong women.

In a female chart we look to Mars to find information about the males she feels are attractive.

The Moon and Venus symbolise the inner female in a male chart, Mars symbolises the inner male in a female chart. If she can find a connection between that inner male and and the outer male she meets at a party she feels attracted to the outer male.

For example Mars in Pisces can mean that the woman feels attracted to males that have some softness or mystery in their aura. Mars in Leo can mean that she feels attracted to dominant males that like to be the center of attention.


1. Look at which elements you have and which elements you lack. It is possible that you try to find those lacking elements in a partner. What does this tell you about the persons you feel attracted to?

2. Look at the seventh house. Look at the sign on the cusp and at planets (if any) in the seventh house.What does this tell you about the persons you feel attracted to?

3. Look at Venus, what does this tell about the way you act in relationships?

4. If you are male look at Venus and the Moon and interpret what this says about your inner female.
If you are female look at Mars and interpret what this says about your inner male.

Put everything together.

You may encounter contradictionary factors when you look at the points 1, 2, 3 and 4. In my experience the elements (point 1) is the most important factor.

Therefore you are adviced to give priority to that factor in the summary. Despite this, the other factors (points 2, 3 and 4) will also have a role to play.

In this part of the assignment you should connect your experiences with regard to relationships with the astrological analysis.

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